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Rescue- is like trying to empty the ocean one teaspoon at a time.

I've lived in many places and seen more than most people. I've often been surprised by peoples treatment of those creatures who need our help the most. I've wondered if the animals could talk, if people would be so willing to mistreat them. I would love to be a fly on the wall when these folks grow old and their children dispose of them as easily as they disposed of these loyal and loving creatures. We've only been involved in rescue for about 6 years now. My husband B helps take care of the animals and I honestly couldn't do what I do without him. But I've taken in strays since I was a kid. Recently my dad asked me how I could spend so much time helping animals, I told him that I was just following in his footsteps. As a child, I seen my parents save a pony who was beaten by its owner, my mom took in a cat that loved sleeping on our porch after it was dumped, and my parents seen a small dog tossed from a pickup. When they stopped and opened the truck door he jumped right in and we named him Benji and he was ours until he passed many years later.
Most people are kind to the creatures of the world, but it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the barrel. Everyday I open my Facebook page and see so many post looking for help finding a new home for their pets or strays with puppies or injured animals. Being in rescue means receiving pleas to help animals everyday, I've personally sent hundreds if not thousands of pleas to rescues all over the country and once accidentally to Ireland. Now in the rescue world a plea for help is called networking. It's one of the most important volunteer jobs in the rescue world. {Not every person who fosters can network these animals to rescues. not everyone can foster, but there are many aspects to rescue. dogs need transporters, fosters, net-workers, People who will donate money or items needed for the dogs, rescues, and vets just to name a few.}
I've received more pleas than I've sent and 3 or 4 times a year, I have to do a photo dump from my phone because I've filled it with photos of animals again. I've never regretted a dog that we have fostered, some have been more work than others, but knowing that one day they will have a new home is the best reward. We foster all breeds and all kinds of dogs- Puppies, seniors, injured dogs and medical dogs. We have also transported dogs. Every aspect of animal rescue is rewarding, but sometimes when you tired and miserable the best part of the day can be the simple sigh of relief from a dog who hasn't been safe for a long time. A dog who finally feels safe enough to totally relax and sleep the deep sleep.

In rescue we have to remember not everyone will take the same path to rescue, the map always has many roads to get to the same place.
As Bob Barker would say "until next time, spay and neuter your pets"
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