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New year, same dog rescue crap, The evil of fireworks.

Once again we are behind our European counterparts, did you know that the Italians have invented noiseless fireworks that while not completely silent, greatly reduce the explosive noises that traumatize our wildlife, pets and most importantly some of our veterans and friends. While we watch the loud sparkling bright lights fill the sky, birds take flight into the path of these fireworks, fleeing from the terrifying noise. They can die from their little hearts giving out. Horses are panicked and injured as well. Dogs run from the safety of their homes into the streets where already this morning, I've seen over a dozen dead dogs notices and dozens on lost and found pages. Suddenly walking Fido in the middle of New Years Eve doesn't seem like the best idea. Throw some pee pads on the floor and keep them safe. In our area, the fireworks begin the day the stands open up. Days of deafening noises. It will continue until people run out of them. Yesterday, the fireworks were started by my neighbors at dusk. So many fireworks being lit that the weather report included a fog advisory due to smoke from the fireworks. How hard would it be to sell or buy the fireworks that produce less noise? I know that some companies produce light shows with hundreds and thousands of drones. These are more costly than the cheap fireworks. But where do we draw the line? Cheap fireworks that cause so much trauma to humans, wildlife, and pets or more costly show that lessen the stress. I've enjoyed many fireworks in my day, even having them at our home. but with age comes knowledge and I dread these days because I know so many animals will die or be lost forever from their families. For days these lost pets will continue to run as the fireworks will continue to be fired until the supplies run out. Our enjoyment at the cost of Animals lives and people's piece of mind. Animals will abandon their young, our fellow humans with PTSD, sensory issues and other conditions will spend many hours of unnecessary trauma. Is it really worth the cost of animal lives? The cost of piece of mind for those with issues we may never know. My opinion will not be popular, but it's mine to give. How can we focus our resources to find ways to lessen the tramatic experience for our animals and pets who give us their total loyalty and love. To help our fellow man who might need extra from us. Maybe until we develop better ways to celebrate, we can put a sign in our yards to warn our neighbors or send a text.

Please consider holding on to a lost animal for a few days to find the owners, or at the very least, take a photo and post to the many lost and found Facebook, next door, pawboost and other lost animal sources in your area. Animal control services will be putting down more animals than usual.

So please keep your animals safe during fireworks.,

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